Power Mesh Sports Bra

It’s no doubt that when you are on the Polaris or Jeep, it can get bumpy out in the pasture. We have designed the perfect companion, the Jeep Ride Sports Bra with a power mesh to keep you cool while providing you with compression and support.

Some of the benefits of our sports bra are:

  • Wire-free racerback performance sports bra
  • Designed to support you during high impact activities such as climbing, riding in the jeep
  • Compression and support throughout the breast area.
  • Double lined conceals any show through
  • Chafe free seams on modern camouflage prints



Meet our Founder, Jessica Zapatero.

Developing an emerging brand is hard, especially living in a city such as San Antonio where there are scarce resources for manufacturing athletic wear. However, none of this stopped our founder, Jessica Zapatero from pursuing her dream to create and market a modern performance + athleisure brand for women with a specific niche- the Southern Sporting lifestyle.

This journey started years ago as Jessica and her daughters became more involved in her husband’s ranching and safari adventures. She noted a void in the market for women’s fashionable and trendy activewear for ranch weekends and social events.  Jessica’s tenacity led Taruca’s Outdoor team to develop a contemporary collection of athletic wear that spoke to the ranching and safari lifestyle. Additionally, her concern was to offer women modern camouflage patterns while meeting an important need -women’s desires to look ‘cute at the ranch’ and outdoors.  She also persisted in developing Taruca Outdoor’s performance fabric so that women would have moisture wicking, antimicrobial garments that offered an additional protection from the sun with a UPF 50+ finish. The line is poised to launch in the Summer of 2018 with the “Jeep Ride Collection” that offers a variety of short and long sleeve tops and matching skirts with built in shorts, a soon to be favorite in  your ranching wardrobe: https://tarucaoutdoor.com/products/jeep-ride-skirtrsz_2018-02-07_142610_1


Happy Spring!

Happy 1st Day of Spring

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at Taruca Outdoor. The flowers are blooming all over the pasture at the ranch and vibrant bluebonnets accent the gorgeous Hill Country. We really live in a special place in Texas!

Probably the most awe-inspiring experience though is seeing the birth of baby fawns. We are always just amazed by the natural landscape of Trinity Ranch in Batesville, Texas. The lushness of the terrain provides an excellent protein source for their wild native habitants. How cute is this baby fawn though? Almost as cute as our model, Sofia.

Happy Spring everyone!



Savor Your Memories


There is no doubt that cent is one of the most powerful memory triggers we can experience.  Some of the most pleasant memories we can have outdoors are associated with scent like the smell of trees, grass and our favorite- S’mores by the campfire.  We are so excited to introduce our S’more travel and home candle designed just for you.

This small batch, hand-poured soy candle was made in partnership with a sweet artisanal candle maker in Comfort, Texas. Soy generally burns longer, cleaner and imparts a gentle smell of graham cracker, chocolate, toasted marshmallow and vanilla.

Click here to purchase our 4 oz. travel candle and savor the memories of s’mores year all year long. Free shipping throughout the month of March 2018.


Destination: Limpopo, South Africa

pexels-photo-631292.jpegVenturing to Africa in the pursuit of  wildlife is a dream come true for many. For my big milestone bday coming up, my husband has surprised me with a trip to South Africa at the Philip Bronkhurst Safari Lodge. I couldn’t help but crying as this has been a dream of mine since childhood.

I will be sharing with you details of how I am getting ready for this awesome adventure in the Limpopo Province, located in South Africa. Limpopo is located about 4 hours north of Johannesburg and is deemed to be a mecca of wildlife and gorgeous plains. Some of the wild animals one can expect to see are Buffalo, Hippo, Crocodile and Lions. Just watching this video gets me so excited and I am dreaming of my first ‘out of Africa’ experience.


Lions, Tigers and Giraffes… OH MY!


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Lions are powerful, tigers command attention and giraffes…well they are just plain majestic. Wildlife is so amazing and awe-inspiring. One of the reasons we were inspired to start Taruca Outdoor was to give women the opportunity to get closer to nature by wearing our modern camouflage fashion outdoors.

With all wild animals we recommend prioritizing safety. Although you may be totally tempted to get close with your camera, it’s best to stay in your car with the windows rolled up.  Take a look at these incredible closeups of these royal lions in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Must See ! Top 5 Close Up Lion Encounters in Kruger National Park.